PAI’s Gantry Hybrid Palletizer is built using Rockwell Automation’s newest series of Servo CIP motion controls. NO THIRD PARTY SOFTWARE INTERGRATION is required. The control’s logic is easy to learn and simple to demonstrate when training plant personnel. PAI’s Gantry Palletizer can be programmed from the user friendly HMI. Use Rockwell’s Motion Accelerator tool kit to design and build the engine behind PAI’s Hybrid Palletizer. Designed with expansion in mind, the Gantry is offered with one or two heads. A two-headed system is capable of running in single or dual head mode. The Gantry can be retrofit for existing palletizers or new installs. Contact P.A.I. for additional information.

Palletizer AB Servo/ Electric Upgrades
– This upgrade requires No third party software integrations. The simplicity and functionality of the software allows the upgrade of the hoist, apron, end compression and all hydraulic powered assemblies on your palletizer to be seamless. The hydraulics can be upgraded to a combination of AC electric/servo drives. The logic is easy to learn and is simple to demonstrate when training plant personnel. The modification can be installed onsite or at our facility. Fastest Pallet Cycle time in the Industry.