About Sleeve Seal: We address modern production needs and deliver state-of-the-art, customized label machinery solutions, and best-of-class printed labels for the product labeling industry.

Today, we manufacture with the most developed technologies and print on the best materials, but we will never forget how to build high performance machines that can run endlessly, or how to deliver quality, eye catching shrink sleeve labels.

Sleeve Seal was started out of GC Evans, which has been a leading name in the food packaging industry since 1949. Starting with hot water solution heaters, GC Evans has grown to include everything from cooling tunnels to shell and pallet handling equipment. GC Evans now produces unique solutions for some of the world’s largest food manufacturers, both here in the US and abroad.

From this history of success and the knowledge base of GC Evans, Sleeve Seal has become the sole source for the fastest, most highly evolved labeling machines, and best printed, most advanced label materials.

As we enter the age of 20 micron substrates we recognize the need for higher precision manufacturing. Sleeve Seal’s engineering teams are producing machines ready for the future. With support from our partners, our global team of engineers, printers and fabricators are the best, most skilled team in the world.

Sleeve Seal’s fast, robust machines are built and supported by our “Customer Service First” attitude. We continue to deliver state-of-the-art machines and printed shrink sleeve labels for the fastest growing segment of the packaging industry.